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For new members of The Big Secret On Wall Street only...

Hi, it’s Porter Stansberry.

I want to make you a rather strange invitation… 

As you may know, The Big Secret on Wall Street is the flagship research advisory of my new firm, Porter & Co. 

Established in 2022 Porter & Co. is still in its infancy. 

We’re a small team of analysts working side-by-side in my tractor barn to uncover the most important (and most profitable) investment stories.

Ideas we believe have the potential to not only grow your wealth significantly, but protect it too.   

And let me tell you, I haven’t been so excited about a new business since I launched Stansberry Research from my kitchen table 25 years ago. 

Put simply: what my team and I have planned is going to disrupt the entire financial publishing industry, for the better.  

I can’t say too much about what we have cooking, but as a founding member, you will be among the first to know about it... and benefit from it. 

The ideas, research, and recommendations you will get are utterly unique and I believe have the potential to make you a lot of money in the years to come.   

What's more, I'm certain your membership in The Big Secret on Wall Street will forever transform you and your family’s financial future...



Over the coming months and years we will be adding a whole host of new advisory services and analysts to our company.  

But I’ll level with you… 

We don’t yet know what all of these will be.  

What I can tell you however is that our product suite will soon grow to include advisories for:  

Biotech Investing –to go for huge potential long-term returns of 1,000% or more – like I did with Regeneron, currently up 4,939%. 

Property and Casualty Insurance – to build recession-proof wealth with what I call the “perfect investment”, like we’ve done with W.R. Berkeley (+372%), Travelers (+208%), and American Financial (+437%).

Deep Value Investing – to help you find “forever stocks” like Hersheys (+573%), Microsoft (+843%), American Express (+200%), McDonalds (+246%) 

We’re also looking to develop advisories for commodity investing and risk-reduced options trading, among others. 

We haven't finalized our product suite though...

However, what I'm thrilled to announce is that we just launched our brand-new distressed debt advisory to help you capitalize on what we call "the greatest legal transfer of wealth in history." 

Before I tell you more about this service... how you can get access...  and why it could potentially be the most profitable advisory you ever join... 

Let me first tell you about today's “strange” invitation.

Here's the details... 

I want to give you permanent, ongoing access not only to The Big Secret on Wall Street and our brand-new Distressed Debt advisory... 

But to EVERY single service, product, and advisory we launch in the future.

I’m calling it The Porter & Co. Partner Pass and it’s your opportunity to lock-in permanent, ongoing access to ALL our work… now and forever. 

That's right, for as long as we publish The Big Secret on Wall Street and every other service, your permanent access lasts.  



Given that you don’t know what all of these new products will be (or when they’ll be launched), this offer may seem a little strange…

I’m effectively asking you to take a leap of faith with me... Which is why I’ve organized something very special for anyone who accepts today's invitation. 

And as you’ll see in just a moment, it could both save and potentially make you a fortune in the years to come… 

Let me show you why… 


Permanent Access to The Big Secret on Wall Street 

This is Porter & Co.'s flagship research advisory revealing the most important (yet often overlooked) opportunities in the markets. 

Unique investment ideas that we believe have the potential to significantly compound your wealth in the coming years.

We are searching for big, world-changing themes that will last a decade or longer.

Ideas that are way ahead of the market and that you will not find anywhere else. 

As you know, the retail price of The Big Secret on Wall Street is $1,425 per year. 

Over the next decade that’s a cost of $14,250. But with The Porter & Co. Partner Pass you won’t pay anywhere close to that.  


Permanent Access to ALL Future Advisories

Whether we launch five or fifteen new services, and whether they each cost $1,000 or $5,000+… as a Partner you will get them all. 

Every report, every service, every new analyst, every stock recommendation… EVERYTHING… without paying an extra dime. 

What’s more, when I say for life, I mean it. 

For as long as these services are running you will have access to them – without paying a single dime extra. 

What's more, I’m inserting a Legacy Clause that gives you permission to pass your membership on to your kids after you're finished with our work. 

This means the next generation of your family can benefit from our research... and it can part of the wealth-building legacy you leave your loved ones. 


Permanent Access to Porter & Co. Distressed Investing

Upgrade to our Partner Pass today and you will get instant  access to our brand-new distressed investing advisory. 

Launched in Q1 of 2023 this is Porter & Co.'s first premium advisory and – like all our future products – it is only open to our Partner Pass members. 

Porter & Co. Distressed Investing has one goal... to help you capitalize on what we're calling the greatest legal transfer of wealth in history. 

This is a rare window of opportunity that has only opened twice... 

Once in 2008. Then in 2015. 

Since then, nothing. But now, it’s about to happen again... 

An economic hurricane is coming and for investors who are not prepared, it will be carnage. 

However, just like in 2008 and 2015, for those who are ready, it could be the wealth-building opportunity of the decade. 

You see, the $10 trillion corporate debt bubble is facing an inevitable implosion… 

And when it collapses it will open up the opportunity for you to bank potential returns of 96%, 97%, 129%, even 700% or more, with comparatively limited risk. 

Not through equities, however. 

But through bonds – particularly distressed bonds. 

To help you safely navigate these waters, we’ve hired Wall Street’s foremost expert on distressed debt. 

A man who has been called... “a living legend of finance”... “the most well-known figure in the high-yield world” and “a hybrid of Stephen Hawking and Studs Terkel." 

After decades working for Wall Street firms like Salomon Brothers, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch; consulting for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors; and serving institutional clients… 

He has joined Porter & Co. to help you get on the right side of the greatest legal transfer of wealth in history… 

Our team will take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step through the world of distressed investing. 

Using our proprietary analytical process we will identify the diamonds in the rough – companies whose bonds have been grossly mispriced that you can buy for pennies on the dollar. 

Together we will safely invest in these distressed bonds for double-digit annual yields along with double, sometimes even triple-digit capital gains on top.

To get you started, we have three special distressed investing reports for you. 

The first is called The Greatest Legal Transfer of Wealth in History. It details why we believe this could be the greatest bond-buying opportunity of our lifetime… 

... the opportunity to safely build real, lasting wealth in the face of the coming recession. 

You'll also get two distressed investing recommendations our team has just issued - opportunities our analysis shows have huge upside potential. 

Then every month you will get a new briefing on the best distressed investing opportunities... portfolio updates... and analysis.  

If we were to sell this product it would cost $5,000 per year. 

It will never be sold publicly, however – it is exclusively for Porter & Co. Parter Pass members.

And when you upgrade now you'll get permanent, ongoing access to this service... along with every future advisory we launch.


Annual Invitation to The Farm

As a Partner in Porter & Co., you’ll be invited to every annual conference we host. 

These small, intimate meet-ups will be held at my 100+ acre farm in Stevenson, Maryland. 

I’ll hand select and invite a number of experts to give private presentations exclusively for Porter & Co. members. 

During these talks you’ll discover new investment ideas you won’t hear anywhere else. 

And after the presentations you’ll have the opportunity to hang out with my team, the guest speakers, and me. 

If you’ve ever been to one of my events, you’ll know they’re a lot of fun. And of course, all your food, drink, and entertainment will be paid for. 

Plus, as a Partner Pass member, you will get preferential treatment including VIP seating, VIP access, and the VIP experience.
Can’t attend in person? No worries. You will get recordings of all the talks so you can watch them at your own leisure. 

If I were to charge for this annual conference, it would cost at least $5,000… but with your Partner Pass you get free access to every event

All this however only scratches the surface of what’s included with your Partner Pass membership. A lot more will be announced soon. All I can say for now is this: 

Accepting this invitation to join Porter & Co. as a “Partner” will be one of the wisest decisions you could make. 

Research, recommendations, and profit potential aside… the savings alone make it the deal of a lifetime. 

Conservatively the value of everything discussed above is at least $30,000 over the next decade, but you will have it all for life.

And you won’t pay anywhere close to $30,000

Actually, let me clarify that:  

You won’t pay anywhere close to $30,000 just as long as you take me up on this offer today. 

You see, when I made an offer like this at my last firm (Stansberry Research) it grew from a handful of products to more than 30.  

The cost? 

It started at $2,500... 

And over time increased to $30,000.

At last count, more than 30,000 people took me up on that offer and those who got in early made out like bandits. The same will be true for early members of The Porter & Co. Partner Pass. 

Right now, the retail price is $10,000

While that's not an insignificant amount of money, it’s a fraction of what it’s worth. 

However, as you’re a founding member of Porter & Co… someone who is here with me on the ground floor… 


So instead of paying the retail price of $10,000… 

You can get permanent access to everything for just $6,500. 

Better yet, as you already invested $1,000 to join The Big Secret on Wall StreetI’m going to credit that amount towards your Partner Pass.

That means, for just an additional $5,500 today you lock-in access forever…  

Not just to The Big Secret on Wall Street and Porter & Co. Distressed Investing... 

But to every single one of our future products and services.

And I mean forever. 

As long as the services operate, you have access. 

Remember, even after you are finished with our work, you can pass you membership on to a loved one with our legacy clause. 

To accept this special offer, simply complete the form below. 

I’ll charge an additional $5,500 to your card and that will secure your permanent access to everything Porter & Co. ever produces.   

This is the lowest price you’ll ever see. 

We’ve already increased the price to upgrade to our Partner Pass three times – and with every new service we add it will increase further. 

So by upgrading now you are getting in at the best possible time and getting the best deal you will ever see. 

For just one additional payment of $5,500 you will get access to EVERYTHING Porter & Co. ever produces for as long as we publish our services.

That, of course, is no small sum. 

But when you look at everything you receive as a Partner, I think you'll see the cost to join could pay for itself many, many times over.

Not just for you, but for your family too because don’t forget… I’m giving you permission to hand your Partner Pass membership down to your kids. 

So while others will need to pay $10,000, $20,000, even $30,000 for access in the future.... you will have locked in permanent access at the lowest possible price. 

All you’ll pay is a low annual maintenance fee of $249 – without this fee, we'd never be able to make such an offer.. But that's all you will ever pay to get everything we publish now and in the future…  

Our advisories, investment courses, new services, special reports... you name it… it’s yours for life when you become a Partner. 

And for as long as we publish these services, your access lasts – with zero annual renewal fees.  

And because this isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, I’m giving you a full 30-days to make your final choice. 

You see, I want you to be thrilled with our arrangement. But I also understand that if you are unhappy for any reason I want to part as friends. 

There's simply no point in us doing business together if you are unhappy for any reason. So you have 30 days to decide whether or not becoming a Partner with Porter & Co. is right for you. 

If you decide to cancel within the first 30 days simply let my team know, we'll refund your payment – minus a 10% refund fee

But remember this offer is off the table soon and the retail price of the Partner Pass membership will increase by thousands of dollars with every new advisory we add.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to join my most elite level of service, fill out the form below to accept this special offer while it's still available.

Thank you for reading. 


Porter Stansberry 

P.S. If you prefer, you can upgrade by calling my team at 1-888-610-8895 between 9 am to 5 pm EST.

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